Join our mission and the journey to healing
Our Mission

Seton Home works to break the cycle of abuse and poverty by providing a caring home, education, and support services necessary to transform the lives of pregnant and parenting teen mothers and their children.

Our Story

Seton Home is a special and safe place for pregnant and parenting teen mothers to heal following trauma, abuse, or neglect. From the moment of arrival, dedicated professionals guide our mothers through healing and toward happy, healthy relationships with their babies to break the cycle of abuse and neglect one family at a time. While in our care, our mothers receive safe shelter, compassionate counseling, quality education, parent education, and an opportunity to thrive as a family.


Our Programs at Seton home are intended to create a holistic approach to healing. The approach is based on education, parenting lessons, spirituality, wellness and mental health. These approaches are the pillars to self-confidence and worthiness that will navigate our moms to self-sufficiency.

Our Partners